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What is flag mast and its importance of symbolic significance

What is flag mast and its symbolic significance

A flag mast, also known as a flagpole or flagstaff, is a tall, vertical pole or structure designed to display flags. Flag masts are commonly found in public places, government buildings, schools, and other institutions where flags are raised to represent a country, organization, or special occasion. Flag masts come in various sizes and materials, …

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Image showing different type of flagmasts made of brass and stainless steel used in Christian churches in India


Relevance of flag mast Flag Mast, “Kodi” (Flag) as a symbol of ceremonial hoisting for various celebrations for various religious (Like Hindu, Christian and Muslim) festivals. Indians, regardless of their location or culture wherever they go, engage in celebrations by hoisting the flag and participate in festivals from various castes or religions. Celebrations are considered …


Captivating Metal Domes From Green Hopper Pvt Ltd

Introduction Domes are indeed an important architectural feature in the Byzantine and Rome Empires era. Domes are done in various structures including Churches, Palaces and public places. Domes represent not only the architectural beauty but also the importance of cultural and historical evidence of each structure.  Domes are often seen in Italy’s St. Peter’s Square …

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