Relevance of flag mast

Flag Mast, “Kodi” (Flag) as a symbol of ceremonial hoisting for various celebrations for various religious (Like Hindu, Christian and Muslim) festivals.

Indians, regardless of their location or culture wherever they go, engage in celebrations by hoisting the flag and participate in festivals from various castes or religions.

Celebrations are considered as a symbol of unity. So, by hoisting the flag, or by any means Indians celebrate the festival in full.

Flag hoisting is considered as a symbol of starting a celebration or festival in Indian culture.

What we offer

Our main job is to make a new design, height and width for flag mast as per the taste, requirement and preference of customers.

Once it is finalized we fabricate the flag mast in the same design and install it in the place where the customer decides.

Handmade art works in our flagmast

It highlights the heritage of old days due to the hand carved figures in the flag mast. Any figures can be done at the bottom portion of the flag mast as per the requirement of customers.

All the above mentioned works are handmade. Designing is done in both traditional as well as modern ways.

Creating modern look and feel in flagmast

Flagmast are designed according to the religion including the unity and respect in different communities.

Adding LED lights and glass works add a modern and artistic touch to the traditional flag mast design. This is our major speciality.

Materials used

We at Greenhopper finish and design flagmast in Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel.

History of greenhopper in the field of flagmast

Greenhopper is the best unit in India for flagmasts.

We manufactured and erected more than 2000 flagmast in Europe, Gulf countries and in India during the last 25 years.

Greenhopper is known as the “Masters” of Flagmast.

Price of flagmasts

Price of flagmast for religious places depends on various parameters. It depends on the material used, height, diameter, design of various sections, LED illuminations used, glass works etc.

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