Features Of Greenhopper Automatic Church Bell

The bells of praising heaven will never stop when Greenhopper is with you!!!

One more service of gratitude from the Greenhopper family to all the devotee community who always stood beside us yesterday, today and always…

  1. One of the significant features of the automatic bell is that it can operate with the help of a mobile phone from anywhere in this world. The user can change and adjust the timing of ringing the bells as per the requirement.
  2. These bells operate automatically (without human interventions) at pre-fixed time and rhythm.
  3. Made only with the quality products from leading companies such as Crompton, L&T, Delta etc.
  4. Priests, altar boys and all other church authorities can operate automatic bells with the help of wifi or manually in between prayers and any other special occasions.
  5. Due to low electricity usage, automatic bells will work in the inverter too.
  6. There are no obstructions in ringing the bell with the help of a rope.
  7. Another important speciality of automatic bells is that the church authority can upload colored images of Saints, Churches, and Sponsors in the control panel and can see all the images as and when required.
  8. The Motor cover and Panel Board are completely made up of Stainless Steel 304 grade.
  9. Can limit the control of machines within the authorized persons in church by using passwords.
  10. Automatic bell is a New-Gen product. The panel board has a touch screen, so it can easily be used like a mobile phone as well as a computer. (For eg:-One bell can be set in one second and the same can also set to 2 and 3 seconds which can be done by a common man too).
  11. Another important feature is that the prayer times can be changed and added as the priest changes. There is no need to call us for this service also there will be no financial loss due to this.

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