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History and belief

The Tabernacle of the Church of God covers many aspects of Christian theology that are Biblically based. The 12 tribes of the Old Testament and the 12 upper skins of the New Testament, the 12 gates and 12 doors of the heavenly Jerusalem of Revelation, the 12 foundations, the 12 jewels and the 12 pearls that began in Old Testament history represent the entire salvation history to be completed in the heavenly Jerusalem.

It also has 12 pillars which emphasis 12 disciplines symbolises Biblically. Tabernacle is perfectly done in Stainless Steel, Brass and in pure Gold.  Another important feature is that the inner door can be opened mechanically on both sides when used with a single key.

Features of Tabernacles from Greenhopper pvt ltd

When the door is opened, illumination is activated automatically and the designs are visible inside. Automatic illumination will reduce the electrical cost.

When the door is opened and the light is visible from all parts. Due to the placement of Monstrance on the top of the tabernacle, everyone can see the spiritual insight. It symbolizes a universal accessibility or the visibility of spiritual truth to all people.

The place to keep the Sacramental Bread is Tabernacle and the place to keep the Monstrance is known as Altar. The place where both these join is known as “Throne”.

All the sizes are designed and completed in such a manner that it is suitable for church and in a way that the altar designs cannot be damaged.

Highlighted Tabernacle works by Greenhopper pvt ltd

Churches with thrones are few in the world. Such churches are considered as “Throne Churches”. Presently there are only 2 churches in India; Tabernacle of St. Mary’s Church, Mylampully, in Palakkad District of Kerala, India is proudly done by Greenhopper pvt ltd, and holy tabernacle of Blessed Sacrament Church, Nellimoodu, in Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala, India is under construction which doing by our workmanship.

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