History and belief

Jesus Christ was died on the Cross. It is believed that the entire Christian nation was saved from this death. That is why cross is so important to Christianity.

The Cross is considered as the symbol of Salvation. That’s why every church have cross on top of it.

Cross with led lights

Crosses with LED lights are mostly used in Churches and Chapels of various Christian community.

It has an LED light build inside it which help to see the people from long distance at night, making it bright and beautiful.

Features of led lighting on crosses

In LED, due to RGB (Red, Green, Blue) we can create endless color combinations.

One of the important feature is that it can change to single color as per the occasion. For eg: In Christianity, September month is considered as the month of Mother Mary. So, in that month you can keep single Blue color only.

All these functions can be done through remote control system and it can function even if the priest or the authorized person sitting inside the church.

All these controlling system is activated through radio activity waves.

Another important feature of timer is that it works without manual input from an operator. This could achieve through various technologies.

Materials used in the construction of cross

The most commonly used material in cross is Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper and in Acrylic.

What we offer

The cross is designed in various color and sizes as per the requirement of the customers.

As per the budget cross can be made and set in one color. For Eg: Blue, Green, Red etc.

 Green hopper have completed almost 1000 church works within this time period.

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