Marvelous Hinges For Doors And Gates From Greenhopper Pvt Ltd

What are hinges for doors?

Hinges are mechanical devices used for easy opening and closing of doors, gates etc mainly in House, Place of worship, Palaces, Offices, Auditorium etc.

 Hinges come in various sizes, shape and material depending upon the load of application.

Why do we have to fabricate custom hinges?

In some regions or countries various types of hinges may not be readily available. In such cases, people have to re – design and fabricate its measurement and size based on its requirements.

 This should be done with skill, human intelligence and creativity. By designing and making customized hinges they need excellent intelligence based on their knowledge and experience.

History of fabrication of custom hinges

In early times, fabrication of hinges and its customizations were done by Blacksmith and special skilled metal – workers. Custom made hinges may require special needs and it is done with the intelligence and experience of these people.

Those customized hinges which are done by them are still continue to be used in various countries and various architectural buildings.

Custom hinges in religious places

When religiously connected designs are customized and incorporated at a place of worship, it will automatically increase the beauty of the place whether it is a Church, Temple, Mosque, Synagogue or any spiritual places.

Why do we need high quality bearing hinges for our doors?

One of the important specialities of all those hinges which are made by us are Bearing type hinges which will easily open and close the doors and gates having 2 tonnes weight by a small child with his/her fingers only.

Relevance of bearing hinges

The use of high- quality hinges in designs and operation of doors and gates will increase the quality of engineering work which play an important role in our day to day life activities. It will allow us to function the doors, gates etc safely and user-friendly which can be easily operated by any of the age groups.

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