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Green Hopper presents world's best in class compound wall gates. We have an experience of more than 2000 gate installations which are designed and manufactured in our own facility. Our designing team can offer a wide variety of gates in different sizes and materials in swing and sliding variants. Our highly skilled workforce integrated with updated technology provides you high quality gates in perfect finish.

GGO 2047

₹64000 ₹59000

GGO 1451

₹76000 ₹70000


₹69000 ₹64000

GGO 1012

₹95000 ₹88000

GGO 1280

₹63000 ₹57500

GGO 1052

₹62000 ₹55000

GGO 1253

₹67000 ₹61000

GGO 1266

₹74000 ₹68000

GGO 1116

₹79000 ₹75000

GGO 1273

₹70000 ₹64000

GGO 1000

₹79000 ₹75000

GGN 782

₹32000 ₹28500


Stainless Steel Gates

Green hopper redeems its service to secure and guard your households by furnishing a healthy and safe atmosphere. The best in the industry facilitates the service of manufacturing the safety equipment with their mastery to form cast-iron gates, mild steel gates, remote gates, stainless steel gates, and services gate automation. Our products are trusted to last and our expertise has molded the prospects with profound quality and uniqueness to form the new trend in the market. With the craft of diverse metals that are known for their durability and lasting the craftsmen of  Green Hopper have furnished different forms of gates into diverse models.


The proficiency of our team is fulfilled with the mastery to skill different metals to form the best quality gates that secure your privacy. From the molds of diverse metal tools, our experts have formed various models with demand to the industry at affordable prices. The types of models involve:

  • GGO 2047    - Price range- Rs. 59000
  • GGO 14151  - Price range-Rs. 70000
  • GGO 1303    - Price range- Rs. 64000
  • GGO 1012    - Price range- Rs. 88000
  • GGO 1280    - Price range- Rs. 57500
  • GGO 1052    - Price range- Rs. 55000
  • GGO1253     - Price range- Rs. 61000
  • GGO1266     - Price range- Rs. 68000
  • GGO1116      - Price range- Rs. 75000
  • GGO1273     - Price range- Rs. 64000
  • GG01000      - Price range- Rs. 75000
  • GGN782       - Price range-Rs. 28500


Cast iron gates

  1. High durability
  2. Profound aesthetic appeal
  3. Remarkable designs
  4. Weather and chemical resistant properties

Mild steel gate

  • Steel has the benefit of resilience
  • High durability
  • Corrosion resistance

Remote gates

  • High privacy
  • Strong safety and security system
  • Restricts unauthorized entries
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Aesthetic beauty

Stainless steel gates

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Fire and heat resistance
  • Clean and hygienic surface
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Sustainability
  • Profound durability

Gate automation

  • Enhanced perimeter control
  • High security
  • Promotes curb appeal
  • Enriched property appeal
  • Optimal safety


With Green Hopper and its varied prospects of metal gates, we serve to ensure your safety and keep you away from unauthorized entries. The quality of each of the models is tested and are crafted by professionals to serve your households with a healthy and secure atmosphere.