Why Do You Need A Home Elevator?


Domestic life or residential elevator is becoming one of the basic necessities of our day to day life.

Greenhopper Pvt Ltd provides a wide range of domestic lift . We have become the world’s first company to innovate Inverter Lifts.

How does a home elevator  make your home more lively?

It is common practice in this era that the upper floor of houses are used less frequently but people like to spend time in such places.

This is due to change in lifestyle and design preference. With the invention of smart phones, smart TV and tablets, people find entertainment in upper floors.

Upper floors of your house is a calm area where you can spend quality time and also can relax with your family.

It will be good if you have an elevator to access the upper floors  of your house.

Need  a home elevator to make your home fully accessible for your whole family.

Installing a domestic lift or residential elevator will be very helpful for individuals, both ladies and gentlemen who are over 45 and 55 years old and experiencing knee problems and also having issues with easy movements.

 Installing our domestic lift will help them for easy access to even the top floor of their residence.

Having a domestic lift allows individuals for their independent living in multi – story houses.

At old age, people tend to spend time peacefully and enjoy it. Being at the top floor  will reduce noise pollution, increase relaxation and also can spend quality time with their partners.

How does a home elevator make you more productive ?

Spending time on the top floor in one’s home, can create a peaceful and undisturbed environment.

At this time, you can invest your time in various activities including productive thinking, workmanship in the peaceful atmosphere.  Installing a home lift will ensure an easy access to these upper floors of your house.

Upcoming features of green hopper home lift

Remote controls have physical buttons and switches to run common activities.

On the other hand mobile phones can be used as remote in many cases and with the help of mobile phones, we can access this lift easily.

 Even though we can run the lift with the help of remotes, all necessary switches and controls will be available for our lift. With the help of sensors, a buzzer will buzz and also with an Automatic Object Detection system (AOD), our domestic lift will detect and go back when small children or objects like plastic, wood or metal come underneath it.

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