Features Of Greenhopper Elevators

Types of Greenhopper Home Elevator

We build Domestic lift (residential elevator) with many systems such as Hydraulic, Rope, Chain, Belt and Screw type. These systems provide 100% safety to the customers.

In some of the homes, Ground +2 (G+2), Ground + 3 (G+3) lifts are used. In such places Hydraulic + Rope + Chain systems are used.

Safety aspects of Greenhopper Residential elevators

Domestic lift safety is done with the combination of design, construction, installation, inspection and maintenance. So, it is important to work with experts like us to stick with the safety standards.

G+2 lifts use both rope and chain systems for operation.By combining these systems, the risk of single system failure can be eliminated. And the risk of accidents can be minimized. (If one system fails to operate, the other system will operate automatically).

The Domestic lift’s door cannot be opened while the elevator is working as a part of safety.

 In between the motion, even if there is a power failure, the elevator can be brought to the bottom floor with the help of necessary commands. Through this, the company will ensure 100% safety to the customers.

You can customize Greenhopper Home lift

We customize the cabin designs to match with the preference of the customer and the interior design of the home. This will make us close to the customer and their style and requirements.

One another important feature of our Domestic Lift is to allow the customers to change the music and color of the lights which are installed inside the cabin as per their preferences.

Final finishing

As per customer’s requirement, metal cabins of Domestic lift can be done in high quality spray paint (like cars) and powder coating which increase overall satisfaction of customer and highlight the visual appearance of their home.

Greenhopper Home Lifts are least power consuming models

With the help of 1000 watts motor, our home lifts (Ground + 1) will work easily. When compared with other brands of elevators, this will reduce the consumption of electricity.

 By using 1000 watts motors we offer customers an energy-efficient and cost-effective Domestic Lifts.

Greenhopper Home elevators works in inverter

 One of the biggest specialities is that our Domestic lift operates on an inverter with 2 KV  power supply bearing 280 kg weight and can make 160 times up and down trips.

Another important speciality of our Domestic lift is that it can operate on both AC (Alternate Current) and  DC (Direct Current). The ability to work in both AC and DC make our lifts versatile. (By working through an inverter, customers do not have to depend on the DC line).

Time duration for installation

Once a Domestic lift is ordered, within a 2 months time period, we will complete and install it in your home with complete safety and beauty.


We design Domestic lifts using materials like Metal, Fibre, Glass etc. due to which they are low-maintenance.

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