Features Of Green Hopper Stainless Steel Water Tanks


One of the most important specialities of Green hopper Stainless Steel water tank is its simple cleaning process.

Fill the tank fully and open it through the discharge valve completely. That’s it!  Also it is free from Algae and fungus.

Our water tanks are built with Stainless Steel 304 grade. Due to this, it is free from corrosion. 304 grade is food grade too.

Available models of SS water tanks

We have two types of Water tanks:

  • Vertical type
  • Horizontal type

We manufacture water tanks from 100 Liters to 1,00,000 Liters capacity. Horizontal tanks start from 1000 Liters.

Who supplies steel for Green Hopper SS water tanks?

Material used for our tanks are done with Jindal and other prominent brands.

Valves ports and openings in Green Hopper SS water tanks.

There is a manhole on the top of the tank.

Also there is a discharge valve of 1” at the centre portion of the bottom area. Centre discharge valve is mainly used for cleaning purposes. Top valve is made in 1” Inlet. Outlet at bottom portion is made with 2”.  

How to increase the water pressure in Green Hopper stainless steel water tanks

As per the requirement of customers, we increase the size of the SS Stand from normal size to as per their requirement. Increasing the size of the stand will improve the pressure of water flow.

Protection from overheating

Mirror-like finish on the body of a tank can help reduce heat absorption and prevent the water inside from overheating. 

Top and bottom portion of tanks are made in matte finish and the body portion is done with mirror finish.

After sales service

Any type of manufacturing defects of a tank can be cleared immediately for free of cost once it is brought to our company premises.

Manufacturing tanks in-house can offer several benefits to both our company and the customers, especially we can meet their specific needs and provide a high level of quality control.

Open communication with customers to understand their requirements and provide reliable after-sales support can help build trust and long-term relationships.

Warranty covers for manufacturing defects only. Warranty will not be applicable for any damage caused by using MS Stand, Natural calamities or improper usage of tanks.

Suggestions for better use and long life of Greenhopper SS water tanks

Tanks should be placed over flat and even surface. Faulty installation of tanks without proper support may damage the tanks.

Outlet/discharge point should give steel connections only. Usage of MS, GI or other fittings may create corrosion in future.

Avoid bleaching agent or acids to clean the tank and also don’t use any submersible pumps inside the tank.

Clean the tank properly for 2 months and clean the outer surface every month.

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